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It’s time to give back! We are offering you a recurring discount for each qualified referral.

As your IT provider you rely on us to maintain your network, keep you safe and up and running.

We love our job, and we love our clients.

Now We Think It’s Time To Give Back!

Most referral programs aren’t appealing for the referring client because they are a onetime thing. As your IT partner, there’s nothing we do that’s a “onetime thing”. We provide ongoing support every month. So, we asked ourselves why should we at AMS offer the same old referral program?

The Conclusion Was Easy; You Are Worth More!

We are offering you a recurring discount for each qualified referral. For every new qualified lead you bring us that signs a monthly agreement, you’ll get a discount equivalent to 1 user taken off your managed service subscription! FOREVER. This means the more you help us, the less you pay monthly in IT services. Not for one month but every month.

The best part, this happens for EVERY lead that you refer that signs up for as long as they and you are with us!

Now, how is THAT for a Referral Program?

{The service at AMS is timely and friendly as well as extremely helpful. Especially when we switched internet and phone providers … AMS was there every step of the way and helped resolve some crucial issues as to why our emails were not reaching our customers. The new internet provider could not even tell us why our emails were not working . It was AMS that solved the issue.{
Art Brass Aerospace
{Learned the value of remote company file backups today! Quick response to my panic – Brad saved the day! And it only took about 10 minutes. Thank so much you for your help!!{
Brenda Marez
Westsound Work Force
{Thumbs up for AMS!{
Verna M.
Westsound Work Force