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AMS IT company.

Are you a small to medium sized business based out of Tacoma? Is your current IT company dropping the ball or overcharging you for things they did wrong? Need someone you can trust?

That’s where we come in.

AMS technology has over 20 years of experience in computer support. Our IT company operates throughout the Tacoma area, specifically aiming to help small to medium sized businesses thrive.

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AMS Technology
Tacoma, Washington

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Why AMS?

At AMS we know that the needs your business has are different than a large business or a fortune 500. We know exactly what a smaller business needs to succeed.

We connect you to vendors best suited to your business and software that will save you time.

We are small enough to manage your computer support and computer repair with attentive detail, yet large (and experienced) enough to know exactly what needs to be done.

By working with AMS you save time for your business and money that could be better allocated to other projects.

What We Guarantee:

A live technician, every time. We put you through to a trained technician at our AMS Help Desk who can provide immediate support.

All-inclusive access. Through the AMS managed services plan you get unlimited access to our team. Each member is Microsoft certified and fixes things right, the first time.

Protection. As a premiere IT Company, our team at AMS is knowledgeable on HIPAA/HITECH protocols and works to keep you safe through encryption, security patches, recovery plans, and backups.

Consistency in our services and prices. We don’t nickel and dime you like another IT company might! We offer a fixed monthly rate, with no add-ons or hidden fees.

For more on what sets us apart as an IT company and makes us a premier MSP for your Tacoma business visit our homepage here

We look forward to working with you!