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Rosemary Hibbler

Brad and the entire team are the best!!! They worked with us through our toughest times and made sure our connections remained in tact. They have shown tremendous support to the Veterans we serve and our mission to support Veterans in transition.

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Kyle Ames

AMS Technology has been very helpful with our small business operation. With constant monitoring and calling for any issues, they run a tight ship with a lot of troubleshooting experience. CCR has benefitted from their time with Brad and his team.

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Diane Martin

Dean and Dina are AWSOME! They have repeatedly been there for us when we have needed a quick fix and lost data recovered.

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Rhonda Ackerman

AMS Technology hooked my sign shop up with 5 of our computers. They linked them all together and now they monitor them for bugs. When I encounter a problem they are just a phone call away. They always fix the issues within minutes. I would highly recommend them!

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Debi Hall

AMS took over IT services for our office in 2017. The transition was smooth and we have had great customer service ever since. Brad and his team are responsive, qualified and professional. We are happy to be doing business with them.

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Roxann Prindel

Brad and the group at AMS are amazing. They’re always pleasant to talk to. They are very helpful as they walk you through any issues we have. We so appreciate you. Thank you for all you kind help. Keep up the great job you are doing. You make us feel like family not a...

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Kay Salveson

Everyone at AMS Technology is great. We had Brad here updating our XP computers to Windows 7 and everything went smooth. He transferred everything and we have not had any issues at all. Very professional and courteous. Customer service is outstanding. Good job AMS!

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David H. Pollock

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been to use the remote access icon on the computer down here in the desert. It makes life 100% enjoyable. Please pass on my appreciation to all of your staff for the support they provide us at Pentagon.

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Jim Seely

An employee accidently deleted 13 years worth of contacts out of my ACT database. We called AMS Technology in a panic and within 30 minutes had restored my data and we were back in business. Thanks AMS.

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We have a database file that is very important to our business. One day we could no longer open the file and discovered it was corrupt. We call AMS Technology and they restored the file from a backup remotely and we were back up and going within 15 minutes. Wow, what...

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