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A Look Back: How Covid-19 Changed the IT Industry

This last year brought unprecedented change to our nation. We’ve all made adjustments to the way we do business and live our lives. Each industry has been changed in some small, or large, way. As we move forward and closer to normality, here’s what this last year did to the tech industry.

People are using even more technology.

One of the necessary changes people have made is learning to work remotely and utilize technology more. Individuals who previously may not have done work on a computer or home computer have learned how to video call, access a cloud or remote network, and handle tasks virtually. For some this has been a comfortable change. Approximately two thirds of employees would prefer to continue working from home even as we are leaving the pandemic behind us. Those of us in the Pacific Northwest feel this even more sharply, as Seattle and Tacoma are host to some of the largest tech giants in the world. Schools also went entirely remote; both colleges and primary education alike. There is no denying that Covid-19 has managed to make people more reliant on their computers than ever before.

More technology requires more security.

More people are using technology, but that only creates a need for more security. Surprisingly, fewer people are concerned about their data security than ever before, even amongst rising security threats during Covid-19. When companies allow their employees to work remotely and access company resources and data from home, there’s an inherent security risk that needs to be addressed. Approximately a third of remote employees are working from their personal devices. This transition to remote working is here to stay, and so is the need for better digital security. 

IT might be booming, but we have our work cut out for us.

No one complains about having more business. While many industries have been severely crippled by the pandemic, the technology industry at large is thriving. However, more business means greater responsibility. Along with cybersecurity, reliability is a top priority for technology users. Employees and companies alike cannot afford to have their computers crashing, their internet down, or their server disconnected. Whether you’re in the heart of bustling Seattle or Tacoma, or working from your home in a rural part of Washington, you need to trust that your technology will not fail you when you sit down to work. We take this very seriously. 

Covid-19 was an unplanned test for the IT industry. It reinforced the need for strong security and reliability. Whether you come to us for cloud computing, phone systems, email, cybersecurity, or compliance services, we know that you’re trusting us to keep your business running. Located in Fife, WA, we’re available to come out to your home and business and get you set up or fixed up. Let’s all move forward, together.

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