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Hybrid Office

Security and convenience utilizing on premises hardware. We combine the security features of Azure AD, the power of SharePoint, the convenience of VoIP phones, and onsite technology you already own to create a go anywhere environment that meets todays business needs. Already have a server? No problem! We utilize the systems you have and make them more accessible and secure.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Big business solutions for a mall business price. Take the need for a physical office out of the equation with Hosted Desktop. A familiar Windows 10 Desktop, hosted on the Azure Platform for secure, anywhere access to all your data and applications you already use.


Ensures the utmost in business stability and reliability—your single monthly price covers all network, server and workstation support.  We are there when you need us from answering how to questions to system malfunctions, you can count on friendly fast service from one of our remote help desk technicians or onsite engineers.

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Unfortunately, cybercriminals never stop advancing their tactics, meaning staying up to date on current threats and best practices is critical. Our ongoing cybersecurity training program involves continuous training and combats the top human vulnerabilities facing your organization with weekly videos, email phishing training, simulated phishing tests, dark web monitoring, Employee Vulnerability Assessment, and more!

Through engaging video-based case studies, employees will learn how to protect Personally Identifiable Information, what real life threats are targeting them, and best practices for avoiding mistakes that could lead to detrimental consequences for their organization.


Government Contractors, Tax Professionals, CPA Firms, Financial Service Providers or any business that handles PII, customer information must create a written security plan to protect their clients’ data or Government systems. In fact, the law requires you to make this plan. NIST 800, CMMC & The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Safeguards Rule)

If your company offers financial products, services like loans, financial or investment advice, insurance, accounting/tax services, or participate in Government contracts, then you are required by law to create and implement a “Data Security Plan”

But I have a Small Business, why do I care?

Small Businesses often have more to lose than larger organizations simply because an event—whether a hacker, natural disaster, or business resource loss—can be extremely costly. Small businesses are often less prepared to handle these events than larger businesses, but with less complex operational needs, there are many steps a small business may be able to take more easily. Thus, it is vitally important that you consider how to protect your business.

Small businesses often see information security as too difficult or that it requires too many resources to do. It is true that there is no easy, one-time solution to information security – it takes time and careful consideration with all relevant stakeholders. However, when viewed as part of the business’s strategy and regular processes, information security doesn’t have to be intimidating.

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A strong information security program can help your organization gain and retain customers, employees, and business partners. Customers have an expectation that their sensitive information will be protected from theft, disclosure, or misuse. Protecting your customers’ information is an example of good customer service and shows your customers that you value their business, potentially increasing your business opportunities.


Big Business Solutions at a Small Busines Price

We combine the security features of Azure AD, the power of SharePoint, the convenience of VoIP Phones, and on site technology you already own to create a work anywhere environment that meets todays business needs.

Want to move completely to the cloud?

We can do that with Windows Virtual Desktop. Eliminate the expense and hassle of an on premise server and access your programs and data anywhere, anytime – Securely

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Enhanced Data Protection

Backup Anything. Anywhere. Recover Any Way.

With AMS Cloud Backup, powered by SolarWinds, you have the power of the world’s fastest backup solution integrated into your daily operations through AMS Enhanced Backups.

Backup anything and everything ―servers, workstations, disk images, files, folders, and more with AMS Cloud Backup.

Windows and macOS Backups from Any Device

Back up your Windows and Mac machines, whether they are workstations, VMs, or servers.

AMS Cloud Backup allows you to deploy backup solutions that work in your environment.

Fast and Flexible Disaster Recovery

Back up entire machines to ISO to recover them instantly (including recovering all VMs), or backup volumes, directories, and individual files for more specific, efficient protection.

Mix and match to provide cost-effective, protective services that meet all your needs.

Store Backups on Local Drives or the Cloud

Store your backups to local storage, network storage, or AMS cloud storage. Unlimited versioning and instant access to the data makes cloud storage with AMS affordable and reliable.

Proactive Protection of Workstations and Servers

Prevent ransomware attacks with Active Protection which detects and proactively blocks unauthorized encryption of files and backups. Assert complete control over the location of your data, systems and backups, improve regulatory compliance and ensure data integrity.

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Beverly Pogue

Dina and the rest of the gang at AMS are always willing to help me with my IT difficulties (of which I do not know much). They are patient, cheerful, and effective. Knowing I can call on them for assistance reduces my stress enormously!

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Tara Chamberlain

We are pleased with the service you have provided us. Your ease of submitting tickets and quick response to solving our problems is appreciated.

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Nader Family Chiropractic

AMS has been providing ongoing great service to our company! They are very quick at responding to our issues and are very knowledgeable.  We never have to worry about our networking issues or using new programs because we know they have our back!  I definitely recommend AMS technology.

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Kyle Ames

AMS Technology has been very helpful with our small business operation. With constant monitoring and calling for any issues, they run a tight ship with a lot of troubleshooting experience. CCR has benefitted from their time with Brad and his team.