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Important Cybersecurity for Kids: Navigating the Cybersecurity Path of Life

Cybercrime happen everyday, and there’s no reason why they would stop for our children. Simple cybersecurity for kids is key to keeping them safe. In the digital age it’s important to keep kids safe online, whether they’re gaming, researching, or more. Our kids haven’t had the trial and error, experience, and resources to educate and prepare them for cyber risks. That’s why it’s up for us to educate them on the dangerous of the internet to help keep them safe.

For kids born today, the internet is just a fact of life. It’s integral to existence, and they’ll likely never know a work where they are complete detached from it. That’s why it’s important to have open, frank conversations from a young age so they can be prepared. 

So before the Birds and Bees, talk about scammers and the thieves.

6 years old:

Cybersecurity for kids is important, even from a young age. When kids are first starting out on the cybersecurity path of life, it can feel like a dream. With so many worlds to explore online, it can seem like the internet is a magical portal that’s too good to be true. And while the internet can and does transport us to far-off lands and connect us with new ideas, it can also be full of scams and other dangerous. Before your child begins their journey through the internet (or soon after), make sure to have a talk bout phishing. Teach them about phone scams, malicious text messages, and email scams. 

Level Up: Personal devices

These days children are getting their very own personal devices at younger and younger ages. With this level up comes a new level of freedom and responsibility. But it also comes with risks. Set up new devices with anti-virus and anti-malware protections before you give them to your children, and make sure devices stay up-to-date. 

Social media: 

It’s usually at the tender age of 11 or 12 that children get their first exposure to the world of social media. And while online networks can help children feel connected and seen, they can also be hotbeds for harassment, bullying, and abuse. When they’re starting out, consider setting up parent controls, and keep an eye on their friends list. Encourage kids to keep accounts private and talk to them about the possible dangers of strangers on the internet and cyberbullying. Encourage them to come to you if any problems arise. 


As kids start to create more and more accounts online, have conversations with them about the importance of complex and unique passwords to protect their information. Give them examples of your own practices and model these consistently. 


Viruses, malware, ransomware, and others are hard to prevent. Make sure children know you are there for them and can help them with questions or issues. 


Crypto is becoming commonplace. Make sure to teach kids about investing, and how to do it securely. 

Ultimately, it’s impossible to protect kids from all threats at all times. But by building a solid foundation and instilling appropriate tips for cybersecurity for kids, you set your child up for success and safety in the digital age.

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For more tips for cybersecurity for kids, visit the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s website.

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