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Managing Security Threats: How Managed Endpoint Detection Does It Better

Back in the day managing security threats was simple. Just install AV (antivirus) solutions, keep things up-to-date, and make sure employees don’t click on any unknown links.

For years, AV solutions have done a great job of keeping small and medium-sized businesses safe and secure. But times are changing, and the rules these new threats play by aren’t the same. These latest threats don’t use signature the same way AV solutions does. This allows them to slip through into your company’s networks undetected and ready to strike.  With changing threat patterns, businesses need a different type of protection to combat these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Common Security Threats Today

  • Weaponized documents that may seem like harmless PDF attachments in your emails but execute attacks once they enter your network.
  • File-less threats that don’t require downloads, but execute from memory, making them difficult to
  • Zero-day threats that find an unknown computer vulnerability and exploit it before software or hardware providers can issue updates.
  • And of course, continued ransomware attacks, which can disable IT networks as cyber-attackers demand huge ransoms to restore data and services.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response keeps your team as safe from security threats on-the-go as they are in the office. In addition to desktops and other devices, Managed Endpoint Detection and Response covers mobile devices, too!

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response versus Anti-Virus Solutions

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response covers blind spots that AV Solutions can simply miss against today’s new threats.

Managed EDR rolls back devices to pre-infection state. AV Solutions cannot roll back devices to a pre-infection state, which leaves your devices prone to ransomeware attacks. Managed EDR also uses AI to detect and prevent both active and emerging threats while continually updating the platform. This is as opposed to AV solutions, which uses signatures to identify threats. This technology lags behind attackers strategies and leaves you prone to attacks.

Managed EDR also:

Monitors processes before, during, and after execution, keeping systems safe from new threats

Monitors your systems in real-time, and

keeps devices performing fast through continual monitoring.

In short, opting for Managed Endpoint Detection and Response keepings your systems safer and monitors them more frequently.

Managed EDR Helps you:

  • protect your business from ransomware attacks
  • increases employee productivity, and
  • keeps your mind off supporting your systems and on growing your business

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