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Network Security: How a Cloud-Based Workspace Can Safeguard Your Company

With more employees working remotely from home, and our digital landscape blossoming with both new opportunities and new security threats, companies are searching for new, secure digital work environments. While there is no shortage of digital tools on the market, anytime you or your employees share company information across the web you take a risk. This is why Network Security is a crucial component of almost every business today.

Imagine the following scenario. Your team is scheduled for a weekly Zoom meeting. One of your employees is working on a new laptop and doesn’t have Zoom installed yet, so he goes online and logs in with his credentials to download Zoom and join the meeting. But when meeting time comes, he can’t seem to launch the application. You begin without him. What he doesn’t know is that the site he downloaded Zoom from was a fraudulent domain and now has his Zoom login, logs into his account while he’s fussing with the application, and steals all of his contacts, including your email address, host keys, and meeting IDs; maybe even logging in and listening to your meeting. Sound scary?

Attacks like these are happening more each day, and remote employees are not all equipped to prevent them. In addition to following our guide for remote employees, businesses need to take their Network Security seriously.

Understanding Network Security

Network Security is a subset of Cybersecurity. Like cybersecurity, network security invokes strategies and principles to keep information safe. While cybersecurity is a more general term, network security specifically focuses on safeguarding an organization’s network and data, and uses both hardware and software to do the job. A strong network will have many layers of security designed to prevent and catch incoming threats at multiple access points.

Network Security practices that you might be familiar with includes firewalls, which act as gatekeepers to your network, Data Loss Prevention, which prevents sensitive information from being exposed outside of the network, Sandboxing, in which files and programs are run on a safe, isolated environment, and Cloud Network Security, in which applications are hosted on a secured remote network, protecting against localized attacks.

A Secure Network For Your Company

Strong network security has always been important, but this year, more companies are starting to recognize the urgency. Unfortunately, this realization often only comes after a company has suffered an attack. Even if you haven’t, and especially if you have employees that work remotely, we strongly advise you to consider your own private network. We can help!

AMS Technology teamed up with Ooma to create My Secure Office: A complete digital solution for your remote work environment. Built with small business in mind, My Secure Office provides your company with a secure & compliant cloud-based network and workspace for your employees. My Secure Office puts your work environment on our secure cloud, implementing Cloud Network Security. This is both secure and convenient. You and your employees can access your desktop, files, and applications from all your devices without having to come into the office and log onto the computer in a cubicle. This not only allows for the flexibility required in today’s remote work culture, but keeps your company’s information secured. Remote employees are one of the biggest security risks for companies today, but My Secure Office protects them when they work.

Fully scalable, My Secure Office includes all OS, desktop and application support and updates, infrastructure, storage, and data backups–all on your own devices. My Secure Office implements the best network security practices to give your company a complete digital work environment that is protected from security threats, and fully backed up in case a problem occurs.

It’s 2021, and you can’t afford not to protect yourself online. Operating out of Fife, WA, AMS Technology exists for one purpose: To keep your network and computer systems operational and secure. If you don’t already have a network security plan in place, it’s time to give us a call!

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