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Working From Home: Practical Security for Employees

2020 saw many changes to workflow habits among companies across the world. Some 52% of employees today work from home, up from 20% pre-pandemic; a significant increase. Furthermore, although we are slowly returning back to normal social life, Pew Research reported that 54% of remote workers would prefer to continue working from home when given the option. Here around the tech hubs of Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, we’ve seen many workers transition from the big city office to remote. This means that many people are, for the first time, navigating a newly digital work environment, with many to most of them preferring it. With an increase in the number of remote employees, and specifically in people working from home for the first time, comes unique security challenges. Companies and their remote workers alike have a part to play when it comes to working safely from home.

Did you know that email is to blame for as much as 80% of phishing attacks? Everyone, from small companies, to universities, to large organizations is vulnerable. Remember that your company is only as secure as the best safety practices of your employees. When an employee is tricked into opening a fraudulent email, or downloading a virus, it can put your entire company at risk! This is why we believe that educating your remote employees on best cybersecurity practices is essential for all companies and organizations big and small.

AMS Technology works with companies to manage their network and security. With the influx of remote workers, we put together a brief guide for remote employees to practice best safety habits while working at home! For a printable copy, download the PDF!

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