Puyallup Historical Society at Meeker Mansion

You’ve probably heard of the Puyallup Historical Society at Meekers Mansion in Puyallup WA. But do you know exactly what it is and why you should visit? Read on for some tips! You’ll find out how to make your visit as unique and enjoyable as possible. Also, read on for a history lesson that includes a tour of the 1886 mansion.

The Puyallup Historical Society at Meekers Mansion in downtown of Puyallup WA is a local nonprofit that has dedicated itself to the restoration and preservation of the Meeker mansion. In addition to hosting educational programs, the society also runs a research and preservation facility. You can also explore the mansion’s history, from early settlement to the Oregon Trail.

The Meeker family was a pioneer of the Northwest who settled in Puyallup. They migrated from California in 1852 on the Oregon Trail and founded a city that was home to the Meeker family. Ezra Meeker, who made the trip west on the Oregon Trail, became a prominent citizen and entrepreneur in Puyallup. He also served as the city’s first mayor and was a prolific author.

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The Meeker family moved from their home on McNeil Island to the Swamp Place near Fern Hill. In 1861, their ship, the Northerner, sank off the coast of Alaska, leaving the remaining Meekers penniless. During the Yakama Indian War, they sought shelter in the town of Steilacoom. After the war, the Meekers returned to the Puyallup Valley. Eliza Meeker was still living there when she was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband.

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A fascinating tour of Meeker Mansion is a wonderful way to learn about the history of this Washington state house. Visitors can enjoy hand-painted ceilings, antique furniture, and stained glass. There are also public tours available. You can also plan a field trip to Meeker Mansion for a special event. This historical site offers a variety of experiences and is a perfect place for kids to spend their day.

When visiting Meeker Mansion, don’t forget to take some time to learn more about its pioneers. Meeker was an active member of the Washington State Historical Society and even served as its president in 1903-1904. A visit to Meeker Mansion will help you discover the life and times of this early Puyallup family. In addition to history, you’ll learn about Puyallup’s rich culture.

The Meeker family made their fortune in the 1880s through hop-growing. Upon reaching the Puyallup Valley, they became one of the richest families. His wife Eliza Meeker, who had five children by Ezra’s shrewd business, asked for Meeker Mansion to be built. Now it is a museum and can be rented for special events.

The Meeker family is the most important part of the city’s history. Ezra Meeker spent many hours writing about the Oregon Trail. He also wrote twelve books on the history of Puget Sound. You may be surprised to discover how much of Puget Sound history is preserved in Meeker Mansion. If you’re lucky enough to visit the museum, you’ll be thrilled with this historical site.

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